Why Eagles?

Why Eagles?

There is no other creature on Earth with sharper vision than the eagle. An eagle can be soaring high in the sky and spot dinner in the ground up to two miles away. The part of the human eye that we “look right at something” is called the macula. We have one macula per eye. And both of them are supposed to be pointed in the same direction. Eagles have two maculas per eye. One set works together for depth perception and the other maculas point off to the side. The result of this setup is that they have extremely sharp vision across a panoramic view, not just centrally like us. Birds of prey have a transparent third eyelid which covers the cornea from the inner corner going out. This eyelid helps to protect from the glare of the sun and acts like safety glasses during a high-speed dive, into the water, or attacking prey.

The eagle has such impressive strength, spirit, and independence that it has become a symbol for many nations and tribes throughout history. Even the prophet Isaiah spoke of “being carried on the wings of eagles” to describe his faith.

Dr. Scearce’s collection of eagles began when he received the Eagle rank in Boy Scouts. He started displaying some of these in his office when he became an optometrist. Our collection has steadily grown from patients, friends, and family. We are honored when someone sees an eagle and thinks of us.

We hope the name “Eagle Eye Optique” will remind you that we are the place to go in Northwest Indiana for eagle eye vision and eye care.

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Eagle Eye Optique is a private optometry practice and upscale optical boutique in historic Crown Point. Our eye exams are extremely thorough and utilize high levels of technology.

We communicate our findings and recommendations in understandable language with accompanying animations. We carry a wide range of higher-quality eyewear and offer state-of-the-art ophthalmic lens technology. After-hours services are also available.

Our office provides care in a relaxed, stylish, and professional atmosphere. Please call 219-662-1600 for your appointment. More than just a slogan, our goal is to have you "Look Good and See Well."
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