High-Quality Eye Lenses

All lenses are not created equal. At Eagle Eye Optique, we offer state-of-the-art spectacle lenses in the latest designs and materials.

We recommend newer-generation progressive lenses, which greatly eliminate swim, distortion, and other optical problems. We recommend aspheric lenses, where appropriate. This is to minimize thickness, weight, and image shift at the edge of the lens.

Trivex is a new material that is optically clear, structurally strong, and scratch resistant. Computer lenses are available for those who spend long hours working at arm’s length. These lenses are also good for musicians.

Light is bent at the front and back surfaces of a lens. The index of refraction and the curve of the lens surfaces affect the power. The higher the index, the faster the lens material will bend light. Therefore, a higher index lens needs less material and fewer curves to get the same power. It is thinner!

We offer lenses in many different indexes and help you understand the trade-offs and the advantages of each option.

Polarized sun lenses provide significant glare reduction for tasks such as driving and boating. We provide double polarized lenses for the absolute best in sun wear lenses.


We have a wide variety of quality frames to suit your many moods and needs. We have unique styles as well as frames for those on a budget.

Our staff will adjust your frame for a comfortable fit. We provide after-hours services at our clinic.
Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

A major part of our practice is the fitting of contact lenses, from simple to complex cases. Dr. Scearce has been a member of the American Optometric Association Contact Lens Section since it was started in 1993. The chief goals of any contact lens fitting are:
  • Good vision
  • Good comfort
  • Healthy eyes
Our rate of success meeting those goals is very high.

We offer a no-obligation contact lens trial whenever we can get standard (non-custom) trail soft lenses. Lens materials and designs are becoming quite sophisticated and address many problems eyewear have had in the past.

We have a high level of success with people who need toric lenses for astigmatism, with multifocal lenses or monovision techniques for those who need help reading, or with rigid gas permeable lenses for people with corneal irregularities like keratoconus.

We can also fit scleral rigid lenses for extreme corneal irregularities. We have materials that help dry eyes stay moist, lenses resist heavy deposits, or high-oxygen lenses for extended wear times. We have tinted contacts to enhance your appearance.

The two greatest factors determining your chances of success with your contacts are your level of motivation and your doctor’s skill.
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