Health-Maximizing Nutrition

The best way to keep your eyes healthy is to keep yourself healthy. Here are the following five steps of health care that Dr. Scearce and the staff at Eagle Eye Optique advises:

Step one: “Let your food be your medicine.” - attributed to Hippocrates about 500 BC, it still makes sense. Garbage in, garbage out. Fad diets come and go, but consuming moderate portions of a wide variety of proteins, vegetables, and fruits are probably a good idea. Try to eat more from the perimeter of the grocery store and minimize the middle. I like organic and non-GMO.

Step two: Keep moving. While I admire those who choose to run marathons, I don’t think it is necessary to work that hard. Just don’t become a couch potato. There is a middle ground.

Step three: We are built to interact with vitamins, phytonutrients, pigments, herbs, spices, flowers, mushrooms, etc. This is the natural medicine of the world.

Step four: While I am not a fan of the “Have a problem? Take a pill!” mind-set, there are times that one’s problems are severe enough that medicine is necessary. I do write prescriptions for eye problems when they are appropriate.

Step five: When all else fails, then one must resort to surgery.

With that in mind, we have a fair selection of supplements available at our office (see step three). Also, Dr. Scearce will be glad to discuss your individual concerns. After-hours services are available.
Give us a call to schedule an appointment.
Our professional staff can teach you the healthy benefits of proper nutrition.
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